Spotlight: Lackey Free Clinic


Spotlight: Lackey Free Clinic


It has been awhile since we posted an update about our Community Partnership Program. For those who may be unfamiliar, this April our practice decided to find a way to support the citizens of Williamsburg and surrounding areas.  We also felt it would be best to collaborate with established charitable and non profit organizations working in this region.  Through our partnership program, we feature a different organization every month. 10 % of the revenue we collect from new patient visits are then donated to the featured organization. In addition, we post information about the organization and the work they are doing for area residents on our website and social media pages. We hope that the donation and publicity the organization receives will help increase it’s sphere of influence.

This August, we are very excited to feature Lackey Free Clinic. We have heard wonderful things about the work Lackey Clinic does for its patients for years. In fact, when we asked our patients for recommendations of different organizations to help, Lackey Clinic was mentioned by many. Lackey Clinic is celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary of providing quality medical care for low income and uninsured residents of York County, Greater Williamsburg and the Virginia Peninsula. Its mission statement is: to provide skilled, compassionate health care and counseling to the medically disadvantaged in a manner that honors the name of Jesus Christ. Curry Dental Center believes in Lackey Free Clinic’s mission and we count it an honor to support an organization that has done so much for our local community over the years. For more information or to donate to Lackey Free Clinic, visit: Lackey Clinic.

The calendar for future 2016 Community Partners is as follows:

JULY- Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg

AUGUSTLackey Free Clinic

SEPTEMBER- Heart for Orphans

OCTOBER- Latisha’s House latisha’s house



As you can see, we are still on the lookout for organizations in need of donations. If you know of any organizations that would benefit from our partnership program, please let us know. Also, please consider recommending Curry Dental Center to family and friends who are looking for a dentist who is committed to making a difference in Williamsburg! Thank you.

Please submit your recommendation for non-profit or charitable organizations below.

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