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The solution for missing, broken, or decayed teeth is not as difficult as you may think. With dental implant restorations, you can restore your smile. It’s time to feel good again about your teeth and oral health by replacing the ones you have lost with a healthier new option. Williamsburg, VA implant dentistry is available by Dr. Curry and her team at Curry Dental Center.

This dental procedure can help those who have suffered losing teeth due to tooth decay, by restoring their smile with an implanted prosthetic tooth that looks and feels just like a natural tooth. Your new tooth offers you long-lasting, permanent results. You can be confident it will stay in place when you speak, chew, or simply bite down. The other benefits this procedure offers is it helps keep your other teeth in alignment and prevents bone loss. This encourages overall oral health by keeping a full set of teeth in place.

At Our Office

With Dr. Curry, you will receive customized implant restorations. Our surgeon specialist will perform the first part of the procedure by placing your implant in the bone. This acts as a new tooth root for you. You will then come back to our office for the placement of the crown.

We know that missing teeth can be a real hindrance. It can be painful and uncomfortable to chew without teeth. You may find you chew slower and can’t break down food efficiently, which affects digestion. Maybe you don’t even smile anymore because of your situation. After an initial consultation with us, we are sure you will feel good knowing we can plan a great solution for you.

Why Restoration?

There are many problems that can develop with our teeth that can cause us to need this kind of treatment. As we age, we develop chips, broken or decaying teeth. Having a permanent, lasting procedure can produce natural results that restore our teeth and health back to where it needs to be.

The actual process gives you a new fake tooth that will appear and feel just like a real one. This tooth is referred to as a “crown” and is made to fit and look just like your existing teeth. The created crown connects to a titanium root that is placed into the missing space in the gum where the previous tooth was before.

Where do I Begin?

There will be certain examinations that will need to be done to see if your mouth is ready for implants. The first initial step would be to have a consultation with Dr. Curry. She will guide you through the process, evaluate your oral health, gums, and bone foundations to see if any grafts or preparation needs to be completed first to support your implant. Your medical history will also be considered before the procedure is put into place.

Benefits of the Procedure

This form of tooth replacement is one of the greatest treatments for professional looking natural teeth available today. The benefits include:

  • Great oral health – getting this procedure done can help you alleviate tooth pain. Replacing your decaying or broken tooth as soon as possible will lessen any damage to your gum health. Having the new tooth in place also assists you in maintaining daily oral health like brushing and flossing.
  • Beautiful smile – implants will do miracles for your smile and restore your self-assurance when you take pictures, talk and eat in front of other people.

The Procedure

Dr. Curry performs the dental implant process through ongoing steps that will begin with a specialist and will be finished at our office. You will meet first with our staff for a consultation appointment. Afterward, exams will be done to assess your mouth structure and what needs to be done to prepare for an implant.

For the root placement part of the procedure, you will be referred to a specialist. You will get impressions made so a crown can be created to replace the missing tooth. The crown will be made to match the shade and shape of your other teeth.

The Steps:

  1. Local anesthetic will be applied to the gum area
  2. A titanium tooth root will be placed inside the bone socket area
  3. During a six week to a several month period, the new tooth root will fuse with the gum
  4. Once the gum area has adjusted well to the new tooth root, an abutment will be placed on top of the root
  5. The crown is then attached and fitted into space, and the new tooth is in place

Dr. Curry will handle the part of the process from the abutment onward, attaching the crown and making any final adjustments.

Call our team at our office today to learn more about our dental implant services at Curry Dental Center.



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