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The fastest and easiest way to a smile makeover is with teeth whitening procedures at Dr. Curry’s office. We are your Williamsburg, Virginia teeth bleaching specialists, and we know how to get you a bright, new smile with simple bleaching treatments. A white smile can improve your appearance and is a simple and affordable cosmetic solution.

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Limited offer. Call now! FREE take home teeth whitening for New Patients with comprehensive exam, adult cleaning*, and x-rays at regular price (whitening valued at $300). Must be over 25 years old. May not be combined with other offers or promotions. Some restrictions apply. * Adult cleaning only for patients with no signs of gum disease.

PLUS! Existing patients may receive take home teeth whitening at a promotional price of $150 = 50% savings! Regularly $300.

Take home whitening kit includes: 1 set of custom whitening trays, 2 tubes of whitening gel, and tray travel case. While supplies lastGet yours today!

  • White teeth for Life Program:
    • Patients who agree to participate in our program may qualify to receive a (one) free touch up tube of whitening gel twice a year, at their regular 6 month visit. Keep your smile bright for life! Enroll today! (Program subject to product availability).

When to Bleach Your Teeth

Wear and tear of teeth happens over time. Our teeth can take a beating from regular living that can cause staining and different levels of discoloration. Losing the nice, fresh white tone our teeth had when we were younger can make us lose confidence in our smile. Some causes for the teeth discoloration process are:

  • Aging – as we get older our teeth become deposit more dentin on the inside which is the second layer of the tooth under the enamel. The outer enamel layer of the tooth is translucent and the inner dentin has some color. The thicker the dentin layer gets with age, the darker our teeth become.
  • Prescriptions or Medications – some medicines can create dry mouth causing teeth to yellow. In the past, certain antibiotics could even cause the teeth of babies in the womb to discolor.
  • Food – food can have spices and pigments that cause stains on our teeth over time.
  • Wine/Alcohol/Beverages – red wine, tea, coffee, dark colored soda, and other sugary beverages will stain the teeth and cause them to look yellow or brown.
  • Smoking – cigarettes, cigars, and any nicotine will discolor and yellow teeth
  • Grinding/Injuries – cracks or chips on teeth, or simply grinding them can wear them out and make them look old. Acidic foods can also thin the enamel and cause the darker dentin to show through. Cracks can also pick up stains from food or drinks.

Applying a bleaching treatment can make your teeth truly look young again and help you feel great about your smile. A whiter smile can make your face look refreshed. You may even appear like you got a makeover.

How Does it Work?

Most bleaching options involve the application of trays. The trays are placed onto the teeth. The method is referred to as bleaching because the gels that whiten the teeth remove any surface stains, as well as those below the enamel. The professionally made bleaching tray method is the most effective whitening procedure and most often recommended by our practice. This option offers a deep bleaching progressive process that is more successful and longer lasting than over the counter methods. It typically causes less tooth sensitivity too. The custom tray whitening we provide our patients is the best we’ve seen at removing stains that have been on the teeth for a long time.

There are many treatments available when it comes to whitening your teeth including over the counter options such as strips and one size fits all trays. However, the best method is prescribed by a professional dentist such as Dr. Curry. Because the whitening procedure is supervised, you can be assured of professional results that will last for years. Before whitening, Dr. Curry will examine your teeth and her staff will review the entire process with you so you can achieve the level of whitening you desire.

Bleaching Trays

At Dr. Curry’s office, we make custom fitted trays and provide whitening gel that the patient wears for 14 nights to obtain the most stable teeth whitening result. Our whitening system also comes with a desensitizer to prevent any discomfort associated with bleaching. Other products can irritate the gums and make some patients uncomfortable. The seal on our trays help prevent this problem. We understand that not all patients are the same. There are different shades of teeth and all kinds of stains. You may desire a minor result or a major result. We will know how to advise you and what timeline is best for your teeth.

Tray-Based Procedure Steps

  1. Customized bleaching trays are made to fit your teeth
  2. Whitening gel is placed inside the trays and then onto the teeth
  3. The trays are worn for a designated amount of time for days or weeks
  4. The whitening process gradually takes place and varies depending on patient (Most patients start to notice a difference after only a few days)

If you use bleaching trays, you can perform the procedure at home at your convenience. If you choose this treatment, you should be sure to follow the clear directions on application and time period provided by the dentist.

Whitening methods have been around for more than two decades. The Whiter smile Williamsburg, Virginiapractice and improvement of teeth whitening has made it a very popular procedure among patients looking to improve their smile. It is truly a quick and easy way to change the appearance of your teeth. Manufacturers have risen to meet this demand and have created an incredible line of successful whitening products available to patients.

The tray-based method is the most common and affordable option for in-office patients. Try this successful whitening procedure with Dr. Curry. We are sure you will be happy with the final results and feel much better about your smile. If you have any other planned treatments like implants or cosmetic restorations, you will want to whiten your teeth first to make sure the shade of your restorations match the new bleached color of your teeth.

At Curry Dental Center, we perform all phases of dentistry, not just cosmetic. We also provide family, general, periodontal, preventive, and pediatric services. In addition, we also treat TMJ disorders. Call our team today for more information about our wide range of services.



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